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Affordable Family Law Legal Services

Because every person deserves access to justice!

That's not just what we believe, but the reason Henderson Legal Services, PA was founded.

When you are in need of a family law attorney, it is likely one of the toughest times in your life. Many people are forced to face these tough times alone because they can't afford an attorney and don't qualify for legal aid.

Henderson Legal Services, PA was founded to meet that need, to provide affordable legal services, but excellent representation! We fight zealously for our clients and you will see the difference! 

At Henderson Legal Services, you won't be a little fish in a big pond. We take your right to justice personally!  Our principles are based on righteousness, justice, fairness and equity-everything the judicial system is meant to be for all!

We are led by a greater power to provide this service to the community, and that's the difference you will see! Compassion! Understanding! Flexibility! Determination! Humility! 

Being an attorney is not a job, but a calling! 

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Paternity and Child Support


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