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Because every person deserves access to justice!

About: Team

Cassandra Henderson


Cassandra Henderson, Esq. founded Henderson Legal Services, PA to provide low-cost legal services in the Tampa Bay Area and across Florida. The firm's motto is "Because every person deserves access to justice". It's not just what she believes, but the reason she went to law school.  Cassandra has spent her life committed to fairness and equity. Prior to law school, she was an award-winning filmmaker who produced films with justice and equality at their core. 

Cassandra has 10 years' combined experience in family law, real estate law, bankruptcy,  and business law. She graduated Western Michigan University Cooley law school with honors and is admitted to practice in Florida and the Middle District of Florida. 

In addition to a Juris Doctorate degree, she holds a B.A. from the University of Alabama and a M.F.A from Florida State University.

Cassandra is also a college professor who In her spare time, enjoys writing, filmmaking, traveling, changing the world, and volunteering at the non-profit she founded, Aspiring Kids, Inc.

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