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How to File for Divorce in Florida Without an Attorney

Some of you might not be able to hire an attorney right now to assist you in filing for dissolution of marriage. Hiring an attorney is always the best option, but finding an affordable divorce attorney is not always easy. Marriage dissolution or its less technical term, divorce, can be an emotional process. Although going at it pro se can be difficult, it is not impossible. Below are some tips to point you in the right direction if you must represent yourself.

Wondering how can you actually file for divorce without an attorney?

If yes, just don't be worried!

You can simply search for Florida Supreme Court family law forms if you head to Google. It'll bring up various family law forms for specific family law legal actions.

Just read on to explore the incredible high-end steps on how you can file for divorce in Florida without an attorney;

Filing For Divorce In Florida | Step-by-Step Guide

Step#1. Meet Florida Residency Demands for Divorce:

Before starting the process of divorce filing, you must first ensure that you best meet all the essential requirements in Florida. Well, one of them is to maintain residence for a minimum of six months.

Moreover, it will not be necessary for you both to be residents in order to begin a divorce in Florida, just for the actual filing party. Plus, if you don't meet this important requirement, it might be possible that the court won't have jurisdiction over the case - so you will probably have to wait for some time.

Step#2. Filing A Petition For Marriage Dissolution With Minor or Dependent Children:

If you determine that you meet the residency requirement, you are then ready to move forward & begin to file the Petition.

Look for the correct Petition in the Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms. You will be given lots of instructions that you must read. Make sure you comply with all of the instructions and complete all of the paperwork that the Petition states is also required as part of the filing. Don't forget to serve these documents on the other party!

Step#3. Finalize Marital Settlement Florida Agreement:

Getting a marriage divorce without an attorney clearly means that you need to draft the Settlement Agreement yourself. It is a highly essential form in the packet of divorce documents in Florida, in which you'll detail the specific Agreement thoroughly that you & your spouse just reached regarding the dissolution of marriage.

Some of the main aspects that would be necessary to mention in the settlement agreement of divorce basically involve:

  • Child support

  • Life insurance policies

  • Property division

  • Physical and legal custody

  • Retirement benefits

  • Health insurance

Step#4. Attend The Divorce Hearing:

In an uncontested divorce in Florida, a final hearing is the last possible step in order to get the marriage dissolved. Based on the court's needs, the petitioner has to be available at the divorce hearing to answer the queries of the judge.

In addition, the judge will review the Agreement & might ask you to give proof of your residence. Usually, the uncontested hearings are quite brief, & no issues will occur if you follow all the court processes properly and file the essential paperwork within time.

This article is not intended to provide legal advice. If you seek to hire an attorney, call our office for a free consultation (813) 641-4305. We offer affordable family law legal assistance!

Hope this enlightening guide will be beneficial and helpful for you, folks!

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